Once I've Gone is now Keylu
Once I've Gone is now Keylu


Keylu empowers individuals to organise and store the details of their lives and legacies for themselves, their families and loved ones.

It’s For you. For them. Forever.

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Why we care

In a world that is rapidly becoming more and more digital-first, keeping track of online and offline accounts and stored information can be chaotic. Taking the steps to organise your assets will help you stay organised for the here and now, and also help your loved ones access important information, should anything happen to you.

We care because we’ve been there

Inevitably, death impacts us all. This is a shared experience that will affect us all at some point in our lives. So, alongside Keylu being a great way to organise your important documents for your day-to-day life, it’s also there to help ease some of the stress caused during the grieving period by making things a bit easier for your loved ones looking after your estate.

Ian’s story…

Our founder, Ian Dibb set up Keylu after experiencing a number of challenges following the loss of both his mother and sister within just two years…

"My life changed when I lost both my mother and my sister; neither of whom had let any of the family know what they would like to happen to them in the event of their deaths. Making tough decisions during an extremely emotional time was a really difficult period for me."

"That was my primary motivation when setting up Keylu; making a platform that would help people identify information quickly and easily, while also having peace of mind that they are acting in the interests of their lost loved one."

Who we are

Advisory board

To make our platform the best it can be for our users, we’ve drawn on the experience of highly qualified and experienced specialists from a range of industries to advise and guide us.

From advice on cloud and data security, risk management, fraud protection, sales development and GDPR legislation, we’ve worked with many different experts to evolve and develop our product.

Our advisory board have backgrounds in healthcare, Apple, Google, PWC, to name just a few. Their expertise is pivotal in helping us ensure we are making our customer journey the best it can be.

People we work with

Keylu is proud to work alongside a range of companies, charities and organisations.

We work with our partners to enhance their employee benefit packages and financial products through the provision of Keylu accounts. We are proud to support people with a terminal illness, veterans and those most in need of our service.