All about you

What are your most important aspirations in life? What dreams and goals do you want to achieve?

Let Keylu be your ally in achieving and tracking what matters most. Say goodbye to admin tasks and hello to focused progress. With Keylu, streamline your journey, empowering you to achieve and track effortlessly. Experience freedom to prioritise what matters and make dreams a reality with Keylu.

Life Goals

  • Pursue Your Ambitions: Discover a space to embrace your aspirations and desires, capturing the extraordinary milestones and experiences you hope to achieve throughout your lifetime. Because life's too short for ordinary dreams!
  • Craft Your Personal Bucket List: Ensure the important things never fade away! Create a bucket list that celebrates what truly ignites your soul. Need a starting point? Begin with your top 3 bucket list ideas and let the adventure unfold!
  • Share the Magic: Inspire your loved ones, inviting them to create their own cherished memories. After all, life's more magical when shared with those you love!


Your Wishes

With Keylu, you have the opportunity to make your wishes known and ensure they are shared with those who need to know.

Recording your unique wishes in your Keylu account not only provides a sense of comfort for your family and friends, but also allows them to honour and celebrate your life in a way that is meaningful to you. So, whether it's an unconventional send-off or a more traditional farewell, Keylu helps you leave a lasting imprint on the memories of your loved ones.

Take control of your final arrangements and let Keylu be the guardian of your wishes, ensuring that your voice is heard when it matters most.

Precious Gifts

Throughout life, we build a collection of cherished items that hold significant sentimental value. Often, these treasures are too small to be included in a Will. With Keylu, you can ensure that these precious possessions find their way to the people who will truly value them. Simply incorporate these items into your wishes, and this information will be made available to your Trusted Contacts so that your intentions can be respected and fulfilled.