Estate Planning

It’s so much more than just digital storage for Wills, LPAs and funeral plans.

Designed to help our Estate Planning partners

The Keylu platform has been created to complement and add value to the service of our Estate Planning partners. 

We’re here to help you support your clients for ultimate peace of mind

Keylu offers a flexible tool to review and update client wishes, ensuring their estate plans are always current. It provides a platform that allows you to stay in touch with your clients, demonstrating genuine care and concern.

It goes beyond being a mere digital storage solution for Wills, LPAs and funeral plans. The Keylu platform adds tangible value for both you and your clients, ensuring they have everything in place and enabling you to cultivate strong relationships with their next of kin. As a listed Professional Contact, you become a point of contact for family members when their loved one passes away.

We are here to assist you in supporting your clients and providing them with ultimate peace of mind.

We’d love to tell you more about the options available for Keylu's Estate Planning partners. Contact us today.

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