Keylu Wallets

At Keylu, we understand the challenges of managing documentation and the demands of digital day-to-day life. That's why we're introducing six new Premium wallets to make your life simpler and more organised — all helping to protect against flood, fire, and theft.

Tired of juggling your career documents? Stay connected to all things work, with your Keylu Career Wallet!

Your go-to hub for storing payslips, P60s, pension details and benefits summaries. In a world where people switch jobs more than a dozen times, with over £37 billion in unclaimed UK pensions, staying organised is the key to unlocking peace of mind. Your Keylu Career Wallet travels with you, safeguarding your professional future and pensions, ensuring the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Turn the insurance chaos into a carnival: Organise policies with instant access at the touch of a button

Managing life, health, critical illness, property, vehicle and pet insurance can be a real challenge, but with the Keylu Insurance Wallet, you can turn that chaos into clarity. Welcome to a world where insurance headaches are a thing of the past!

Mastering the property maze: Regain control with the Keylu Property Wallet - because your property documents shouldn't be a puzzle.

Ever feel like your property info is playing hide-and-seek? Meet the Keylu Property Wallet. Designed to store all your crucial property-related information, including mortgage offer details, statements, rental agreements, deeds, guarantees, certificates, and plans.

Welcome to a future where everything property-related can be at your fingertips!

Embark on joyful journeys: Kiss travel hassles goodbye! Organise your plans, itineraries, and essentials in one convenient place

Introducing the Keylu Travel Wallet – your digital companion for seamless journeys! Say goodbye to the stress of travel planning with a smart solution that keeps your important information in one place. From booking confirmations and accommodation details to car hire confirmations, travel insurance particulars, and your complete travel itinerary – it's all at your fingertips!

Drive Confidently: Organise and safeguard all your vehicle information with ease

Meet the Keylu Vehicle Wallet – your ultimate hub for all things on wheels! Seamlessly manage MOT, servicing, insurance, Tax, finance, and V5 details. Get ready to take the wheel of convenience!

Receipts Revolution: Click, store, and smile – Effortless management for your spending stories!

Tired of digging through drawers for receipts? Introducing the Keylu Receipts Wallet – your cheerful sidekick for savvy shopping! Helping you to effortlessly log backups of your significant purchases, online orders, and guarantees. Keep it simple, keep it safe and let's conquer the chaos one receipt at a time!