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Partnering with Keylu can support both your business growth and your customer needs.

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Partnering with Keylu unlocks exciting opportunities for your organisation and the clients you serve, especially in the financial services and legal sectors. It's a win-win situation, supporting your business growth while meeting your customers' needs.

Give your customers something extraordinary—an added value that goes beyond expectations for them and their loved ones. Stand out from competitors, elevate your service levels, and cultivate vital word-of-mouth recommendations.

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In today's marketplace, customers prioritise businesses with a strong commitment to social responsibility. They seek providers who give back and possess an ethical reputation. They want assurance that you genuinely value them as clients and actively support them with exceptional customer care that extends beyond the basic foundations of your business.

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You can make the difference

You can make a real difference to the lives of your customers, actively supporting with their life planning by providing them with a Keylu account as part of your service offering.

Our simple and streamlined process makes it easy for everyone:

With Keylu, you can:

  • Effortlessly upload digital copies of legal and financial documents directly into your clients' Keylu accounts.
  • Utilise Keylu as an ongoing touchpoint for meaningful discussions, continuously revisiting your clients' evolving needs and building stronger customer relationships.
  • Become a Trusted Professional Contact on every Keylu account you provide, enabling you to offer support to family members and next of kin when the time comes.

Your clients can:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that their financial and legal documents are securely stored in one safe place.
  • Ensure that their loved ones will be given access to crucial information precisely when it matters most.
  • Be confident that you will be there for their loved ones as a trusted Professional Contact ensuring they receive the support and guidance they require.

Keylu is a catalyst for profound transformation, cultivating stronger relationships and streamlining processes, it serves as an invaluable tool that enhances bonds and drives efficiency.

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Keylu provides our business with another client touchpoint. It allows us to upload documents and encourage our clients  to keep their Keylu account up-to-date. Partnering with Keylu gives our clients a place to organise their 'life admin' providing peace of mind that their loved ones will know where to find important documents and who to contact.

Rachel Hilsdon, Client Relationship Manager, Crawford Consulting

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